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Marisa [userpic]
by Marisa (faithstar7)
at February 1st, 2006 (08:38 am)

I'm finally updating for Swabie, he's at home sleeping.

He had a good time this weekend, Friday we went to James and Beckys with Steve. We went out to eat and Swabie stayed home with their cat Bella and had a great time I'm guessing cause they are the best of friends now, Bella wouldnt give him back to me when we left! They were all snuggling it was precious!

Saturday we let Swabie sleep during the day then went over to Casa De La Raver. Swabie had some more of his favorite, Bud Light, and made some new friends. He chilled with Becky on the Love Sac then was snatched by Steve and I to go get beer at 1:59am. We drove down to Circle K and much to Swabies delight we saw Superstar DJ Starr getting beer and heading over yonder to the house! Oh my Swabie was excited, but we didnt know cause he was all drunk and couldnt talk. Steve and I forgot about him and he passed out in the car, I didnt find him till we got home (after I threathened people for his return) he was all passed out by the parking brake, awwww.